Player: Rylie
Class: Ranger & Arcane Archer
Specialty: Falconer
Race: Aarakocra
Player: Syd
Class: Psychic Warrior & Fleshcrafter
Specialty: Feral Warrior Path
Race: Shrume
Ezekiel Dowelloft
Player: Eugene
Class: Fighter
Specialty: Light Weapons

Race: Dhampir
Isadora Chilhymn
Player: Rue
Class: Witch
Specialty: Winter Witch

Race: Quorrai (Ice Undine)
Player: Caylen
Class: Bard
Specialty: string instruments and enchantment

Race: Tiefling

Player: Mac
Class: Rogue
Race: Kobold
Player: Daniel
Class: Cleric
Specialty: Healing and Protection Priest of Ilmater

Race: Dwarf

NPCs, Companions, and Enemies

Alanna Dowelloft

Race: Dhampyr

Status: Recently Discovered Twin Sister of Ezekiel, living in Castle Dowelloft


Race: Korish Minotaur (cleric)

Status: Cohort of Spike

Race: Repair Droid

Status: Employee at the Water Temple
Baba Yaga

Race: Jadwiga

Status: Former Patron of Izzy, Enemy?, Currently resides in Enchanted Forest realm on the moon of Dinos.
the "Birbs" (Kite, Agro-kite, and Egg)

Races: Green Kite, Pteranodon, Ethereal Marauder

Status: Aero's companions

Race: Blazon (?)

Status: employee (?) at the clockwork citadel

Race: Human

Status: Leader of the Carcerville Theives Guild, Close friend of Muse
Brennet "Brenny" Hollister

Race: Human

Status: Engineer/Scientist at the Water Temple
Specialization: Archeology, Biology, Medical Science

Race: Numistian (Merchant from planet Mnol)

Status: Contact for the Mystic Marketplace, "C" District. You rescued him (he used to be a coin).

Race: Green Hag (Witch)

Status: Izzy's Cohort
Ded Moroz

Race: Demigod

Status: Izzy's current patron, At the north pole, Friend
Emeline Morningfall "The Rat Lady"

Race: Human (monk)

Status: The Rat Queen of the Infinite Swamp, Friend
Etzli (both forms plus the mysterious cloak)

Race: Vuhr, Arsinoitherium, Vacuous Robe of Death

Status: Ezekiel's other companions
Captain Farlog

Race: Dromite

Status: Captain of the Dowelloft Privateers, Friend?

Race: Squole (Psion)

Status: Bello's Cohort

Race: Kobold (Bard)

Status: Curator of the Nettle City Art Museum. Also primary contact for the Nettle City Thieves Guild.
Gelerin Eilsath

Race: Drow (Bard/Merchant)

Status: Muse's contact for the region of the Underdark near Danger Cove and Candle Keep.

Race: Mirthling (Jester)

Status: Roaming free after escaping the mirror prison. Ally?
Henry McHatchet

Race: Animated Scarecrow

Status: Still likes hand meat, Employee at the Hag Treehouse

Kathana Emberheart
Player: Becca (retired)
Class: Sorcerer
Specialty: Fire

Race: Ifrit
Status: Working with Spike and the Church of Poseidon.
Lance Rashad

Race: Human (Skald)

Status: Ezekiel's Cohort
Lard (both forms)

Race: Otter Familiar, Enhydriodon

Status: Izzy's Familiar
Baron Lumeda Casvelon

Race: Human Nobleman

Status: Leader of Krydodan's Northwest Barony, Ally (you had dinner with him a few times)
Mayor Nick Casvelon

Race: Human Nobleman

Status: Mayor of Danger Cove, Lumeda's nephew,
 Childhood friend of Bello
Selessis Robomaker

Race: Blacklore Elf (Artificer)

Status: Engineer at the Water Temple
Specialization: Robotics, Prosthetic limbs
the "Shrume Squad"

Race: Myconids, Basidirond

Status: Summoned by Bello's upgraded armor
Player: Nick
Class: Aegis & Paladin of Poseidon
Specialty: minotaur origins

Race: Gearforged
Status: Working with Kathana and the Church of Poseidon.

Race: Boggle (Artificer)

Status: Engineer at the Water Temple, Friend of Spike
Specialization: Robotics, Mechanical Upgrades, Repairs, Reverse Engineering
Admiral Vartan

Race: High Elf

Status: Admiral of the Dowelloft Enteripises Fleet
Malar Voidfury

Race: Legendary Elder Vampire. Reincarnated Aphanct

Status: The Big Bad, The Absolute Worst,
 Ezekiel's "Grandpa"
Reincarnation of "The Bound Prince," former King of Abaddon
Nathan Watt  (Ashrokra)

Race: Hologram and Human (chronomancer)
Status: Currently the face of the AI known as Ashokra, also
an extremely elderly man who is recently deceased.
King Zinn

Race: Seely Fae (Unique Noble)

Status: King of the Garden of Zinn and an Ally.

Race: Kobold (Artificer)

Status: Master Trapmaker in the Kobold Emerald Mines of Nettle Peak.

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