Northwest Barony

Locations of Interest


Hamel (Large City): Home of Baron Lumeda Casvelon, the city of Hamel holds the majority of population in the NW Barony. Although the Baron has final say in city (and most barony) matters, he is advised by a council of powerful wizards known as the Hamel Mage’s Guild.  By their direction, Hamel has become a place of wonders mitigated by harsh and effective punishment for those who step out of line.


Carcerville (Large Town) Access to the Trillium Monastery and Trugard Peak. Also home to the largest prison outside of Hamel. Titanic unfinished stone golem in center of town.


Trillium Monastery: Largest monastery in the Northwest Barony. Home of Jezdel, a kingdom-renown oracle.


Trugard Peak: Owned by dwarves, has prolific gold and ruby mines.


Kisten (Small Town): Access to Mithril Peak, large elven population. Supplies bows and arrows to the Border Guard and Hamel cityguard.


Mithril Peak: As the name implies, has one of the two mithril mines in the kingdom (the other is Nettle Peak in the NE Barony, very far away). This area also has a decent copper mine, and a good source of limestone and granite.


Orstant (Medium Town): Crossroads town, access to Watt’s Pillars, pit stop for the Border Guard and many travelers.


Watt’s Pillars: The only Mist Pillars in the NW Barony. It is moderately active, a small number of wanderers come through every few days. At times, several weeks will go by without incident.


Granger Forest: A large forest with small populations of elves, goblins, and orcs.


Ellisville (Small Town): Gateway to the North East Barony and start of the long road to Gidushek and Sporak. Ellisville also refines ore, and has a large number and variety of metal smiths.


Walkfar (Small Town):  Also known as “the other crossroads town,” Walkfar is the starting point for roads to far-away cities in the Northern Dukedom such as Spire and Homage. Other than being a convenient weigh station, it has little other to offer.


Farmstown (Small Town): This town supplies much of the wheat, grain, pork, and beef to the NW Barony. In addition it is home to the Casvelon Ranch & Stables, which supplies many fine steeds and beasts of burden to the area.


Lusterville (Small Town): If it weren’t for tradition, Lusterville would have dried up long ago, and a road from directly Hamel to Danger Cove would have been built. However, it has been a long standing tradition that all military forces moving from Hamel to anywhere else in the kingdom, must first pass through Lusterville. Many tales abound of Generals ignoring this to save a few days of travel, and meeting a terrible fate. As it is, Lusterville caters heavily to the military and is the only easy passage from the north to Danger Cove.


Danger Cove (Medium Town): This is the NW Barony’s only port to the sea, and the quickest route to get to Krydodan City. It has a small harbor full of seaworthy ships.


Garden Grove (Small Town): Known for its plentiful orchards, Garden Grove is certainly one of the most beautiful towns in the NW barony.


Abandoned Fort: On really old maps, it was known as “Fort Brizante,” The fort was setup to stop horrors that began wandering from the Dark City south of this location. It was abandoned about 50 years ago, when terrible creatures stopped swimming, flying, and oozing ashore.


Dark City: Before the Time War, this was the City of Ausura. A location of high magic and intrigue, its loss was felt throughout the realm. The city planners of Hamel were said to have created their city in the same image of Ausura in its prime. Now it’s a festering desert that is rumored to be home for the undead.


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