Q: Can I play a ______?

A: If it is not one of my player races or classes, the answer is probably no, but I have been known to make exceptions.

Q: What books do I need to play?

A: All you really need is access to www.d20pfsrd.com and the campiagn website (www.krydodan.com).

Q: Do I need to bring dice.

A: It is encouraged, though I have plenty to go around as well.

Q: If my character dies, can I make a new one?

A: Of course. Character death is bad enough, I usually let you keep you old characters current experience and apply it to the new one.

Q: Can I take the ______ prestige class?

A: I generally discourage prestige classes. I play them a little different than most DMs in that they are usually offered to the character in game.

Q: Can I use this skill/feat/spell/power from ______ ?

A: If its a Paizo, Dreamscarred Press (for psionics) or Alluria Publishing product then most likely. Other than that, probably not, but I will approve them on a case by case basis.

Q: When do you usually play and for how long?

A: I am shooting for 6:30 PM on Fridays every other week, and play until we all get tired.

Q: I have a problem with ____, what can I do?

A: Talk to me about it. I am very easy going and believe that the players come first. I will work with you to find a solution you will be happy.

Q: What level are we starting out at?

A: 2nd level.

Q: Is the adventuring to be more combat or role playing or a good mix?

A: I try to keep it 50/50, although that's an average. Some sessions will be heavy on the hack and slash while others will be all role playing. I try to run the full gambit. A well rounded character would work best.

Q: Are there any restrictions for alignment?

A: No evil. Any other alignments are fine.

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