Local History

      Krydodan is a kingdom that is relatively new, having been established only 310 years ago. It was originally known as Southern Tynus or "The Mouth of Tynus" and passed through several owners in the last few millennia. The land was once exclusively inhabited by Druids, who were later replaced by a warlock-led cult of mixed races. The cult was primarily concerned with bringing about the end of the world and befriended a family of sea dragons, which eventually led to the Sea of Tynus being full of dangerous dragons. The cult was wiped out by invading orc tribes from the west, who named the lake that the kingdom is now named after.

     It was the pollution caused by the orcs that eventually caused the sea dragons to leave, and today there is only one left in the kingdom, known as the Kydodan Beast. The orcs eventually weakened themselves through internal conflict and the land became fractioned off for a bit. Dwarves settled in the northern mountains, elves in the forests, humans in the plains, and orcs scattered about everywhere.

    The governors of a rapidly growing city known as Alandor, whose founding fathers came from the country of Haukbar to the east, slowly unified the land. The city fell after a 12-year drought turned the entire southeast corner of the country into a desolate desert. The land was then simply usurped by the western kingdom of Grazan, and the capital was moved to Bissil City. Countless sea-dragon and Haukbar Raider attacks caused the capital to be moved again to Krydodan City, where it flourished. It did so well, in fact, that the wealthy land barons and nobles pulled together and declared independence from Grazan.

    Grazan put up weak resistance (an army was sent, but got lost and ended up attacking an elven citadel, thus starting a war between the two). A monarchy was established and has been flourishing ever since. The Empire of the Magi claimed Krydodan as a matter of proximity, although no significant changes were made. The arrangement was ended shortly thereafter before the Time War, when the Council of the Magi disappeared.

    Krydodan was mildly hit by the war, compared to some of its neighbors. Still, it was a time of great fear, as several doomsday devices set two millennia before by the Tynus cult began going off all over the kingdom. Two cities were completely annihilated and stand today known as “Dark Cities.” Nothing will thrive within several miles of these empty and broken cities.

     At the end of the war, only one breach in the kingdom began belching greymist, and it was quelled by a young chronomancer named Nathan Watt, who was something of a local celebrity. Shortly after erecting his unique mist-pillars (which actually looked more like stylized pillars rather than featureless obelisks), Nathan vanished with the rest of the chronomancers.

     Other notable events in Krydodan's history include an Underdark uprising that spawned a 10-year war against the Drow, along with other Underdark creatures. Paladins from religions that now form the Ebon Council participated in this war. Overall, Krydodan's history is a testament to its resilience and the strength of its people, who have survived war, invasion, drought, and doomsday devices to emerge as a prosperous and independent kingdom.


1 FFR:       From First Record, apparently the calendar was invented on this date, and years have been counted by it ever since. BFR is Before First Record, and works in reverse.

~500 FFR : Druids settled in the area.
~2000 FFR: The Cult of Tynus was founded
2707 FFR: The first orc nation attacked the cult in what is now known as Hamel.
3104 FFR: Dwarves appeared in the mountains, from parts unknown, attracted by gold and rubies.
3270 FFR: The elven nation of Lanandrinel moved into the region.
3301 FFR: Haukbarian immigrants founded Alandor.
3450 FFR: The realm was unified under Alandor Rule.
3720 FFR: The great draught begins, southeastern "Alandoria" becomes a desert
3747 FFR: After the rediscovery of rich deposits of gold and rubies, Grazan usurps the country and names it "Eastern Grazan"
3748 FFR: Bissil City founded as the capitol city of "Eastern Grazan"

3750 FFR: Treaty between human Grazanite prospectors and the orcs of Lake Krydodan is founded, marking an increased mingling of the two races.
3759 FFR: Capitol moved to remote Krydodan
3820 FFR: Krydodan declares independence and forms the kingdom.
3871 FFR: The Empire of the Magi is founded and begins collecting countries
3912 FFR: The Empire claims Krydodan.

3990 FFR: The Chronomancer’s branch off from the council of Magi and form the Temporal Order.
4038 FFR: The Empire is Absolved, The Time-War Began (war between the Council of the Magi and the newly formed chronomancer branch, The Temporal Order)
4077 FFR: Doomsday devices go off all around Krydodan, two cities were annihilated.

4115 FFR: The Time-War ended, the greymist appears (a strange temporal and dimensional rift), the mist-pillars are erected to contain them.

4117 FFR: Mogogols arrive by the shipload

4120 FFR  Underdark uprising happens that spawns a 10 year war against the Drow (along with other Underdark creatures). Paladins from religions that now form the Ebon Council (the religious wing of the current government) helped to turn the tide and eventually force the horrors back to

       where they came from.

4137 FFR: The first new races begin appearing in large numbers from the greymist; tieflings and Genasi (elemental born). The world gets a clearer picture of what’s going on.

4145 FFR: Obitus enter the realm

4159 FFR: Gnoll packs begin entering Alluria from the northern mountains.

4182 FFR: The mass exodus of gearforged and boggles brings them to Alluria.

4183 FFR: The Decree of Diversity is signed into law, attracting and accepting all races as citizens, regardless of their past or background.

4200 FFR: Refugees from far-off Mupalan (a region reminiscent of Feudal Japan) begin immigrating by the shipload. In Mupalan, a Dragon Emperor is trying to unify the region, and genocide is part of that.

4230 FFR: Current Year